Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have you tried our new pastas yet?

Did you know we are now launching a line of new premium Toasty Pastas?
Thats's right- we are translating our chef-created recipes, premium ingredients and toasting expertise into unique flavorful creations like Lobster Mac & Cheese and Pesto Chicken. Each of the six bold new pasta offerings is made with handcrafted Cavatappi pasta, with flavorful sauces and quality ingredients, all toasted to perfection.
Prices starting at just $4.99! Check out these mouth watering options:
Mac & Cheese – The new pasta lineup is highlighted by three flavors of Mac & Cheese, including Classic Mac & Cheese, Bacon Mac & Cheese and Lobster & Seafood Mac & Cheese, featuring Cavatappi pasta with Romano Parmesan, Provolone and Fontina cheeses, all topped with Quiznos hand-made breadcrumbs.
Spicy Sausage Marinara – The Spicy Sausage Marinara features Fontanini Italian Meats spicy all-pork Italian sausage and all-natural mozzarella, topped off with lightened up basil marinara sauce all served over Cavatappi Pasta.
Meatballs Marinara – Featuring Fontanini's old-fashioned beef and pork-blended meatballs, which are filled with freshly grated Romano and Ricotta cheese and a perfect blend of Italian seasonings. Layered with a double portion of all-natural mozzarella, paired with a new and improved marinara sauce and all served over Cavatappi pasta.
Chicken Pesto – The Chicken Pesto Pasta features sliced all-white chicken breast, paired with diced balsamic tomatoes, an Italian three-cheese blend topped with Quiznos original Basil Pesto sauce all served over Cavatappi pasta.
Stop in today and let us know what you think. See you soon!

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